Top 7 DIY tips for painting your home like a pro

During the home purchasing journey, it’s not uncommon to get so financially strained that you cannot afford the services of professionals to come do your home finishing. Getting a professional for services like painting, tilling, wallpaper mounting and others, though a necessity for your house to attain an appealing interior look, may end up not being affordable.

Worry not, because these are things you can learn to do on your own. Here are 7 DIY tips for painting your home and doing it like a pro.

1 Go for high quality material

Before you take up the task of painting, visit your local hardware store and buy high quality material which include brushes, roller covers and painter’s tape. Ensure also that the paint itself is of high quality. It will be a waste of money to use really good quality brushes on poor quality paint or vice versa.

2 Thoroughly prepare the surfaces to be painted

One of the essential stages of painting is ensuring that the surface to be painted has been cleaned of dirt and the previous paint, smoothened and covered of any cracks or holes. It’s therefore important to prepare your surfaces before you apply primer and paint. Failure to do so will be a waste of paint and money because the paint will simply peel off with the old paint layer.

3 It’s best to paint during dry weather

This is rather obvious. When you paint when the weather is wet and humid, it means your paint will take too long to dry and it may end up not having your desired look. However, during dry weather, paint will dry much quicker therefore reducing the possibilities of painting errors.

paint - Top 7 DIY tips for painting your home like a pro

4 Everything you don’t want painted should be covered

Never be in a rush. You should take your time and cover your doorknobs, floor, furniture and other hardware before you start the painting job. This will prevent your stuff from being damaged by paint stains which in most cases don’t come out.

5 Be sure to paint from top to bottom

For obvious reasons, you should apply your paint from the ceiling moving downward. This is because when you apply paint on a surface and it starts to dry, it is advisable to leave it alone. Therefore, painting from top to bottom allows the top surface to dry undisturbed as you continue painting to the bottom.

6 Don’t be afraid to ask for advice

When at the hardware store, request for a quick crash course on the basics of painting such as the quantity you will require, how to mix it and how primer and paint are meant to be used. The sales person will be more than glad to help.

There you go. Put this into practice and you will be painting like a pro in no time.

Be sure to share with us other home finishing DIY tips.

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