3 easy ways to maintain a healthy lawn

Your lawn is part of the appeal of your home. Therefore, you must always ensure that it is appealing especially if you intend to put your home up for sale at some point. In home purchasing, one of the things that attract buyers to your home is your exterior appeal which is mostly brought out by your lawn.

The beauty about maintaining a healthy lawn is that you don’t need a professional to do it, you can simply do it by yourself. Here are 3 easy ways on how you can go about it.

Ensure your lawn has adequate access to water

Sufficient water that goes deep into the ground will help your grass develop deep roots which will then develop an adaptation of tapping into subsurface water from natural sources such as rainwater. This means that with time, the grass on your lawn will learn to survive on its own without requiring you to water it all the time. It is however important to note that the type of grass and the soil condition in your lawn will highly contribute to this outcome. Be sure to do your research.

The length you cut matters

As a rule, when cutting a blade of grass, always set your mower to cut the top one-third. This is because the top part of a blade of grass is often thin therefore will decompose much quicker and add nitrogen to your lawn thereby making it healthy. Cutting lower than this means you will cut the much tougher parts of the grass which are slow to decompose hence will cover your lawn and slow down the process of water evaporation thus keeping your grass from growing well.

Your lawn needs fertilizer

It is important to know that your lawn needs fertilizer and in addition to this, it must be suitable for the weather, grass type and soil conditions. It is advisable to put fertilizer early in spring for the purposes of supporting root development and in the fall to help in repairing the damage that was inflicted during the summer as well as support root growth which will enable the grass in your lawn survive winter. Be sure to read the label on the packaging as it gives you instructions on how best to use the fertilizer.

Practice always makes perfect therefore the more you do this the more you will get good at it and soon become a pro.

Do share with us your experiences with your lawn and any tips that will benefit our readers.

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