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Blog10 400x245 - Improve your home security through these 7 simple measures

Improve your home security through these 7 simple measures

January 29, 2018

The beauty about home purchasing in Aurora, Colorado is that this is...


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Blog10 400x245 - Improve your home security through these 7 simple measures

Improve your home security through these 7 simple measures

January 29, 2018

The beauty about home purchasing in Aurora, Colorado is that this is...

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Improve your home security through these 7 simple measures

Blog10 - Improve your home security through these 7 simple measures

The beauty about home purchasing in Aurora, Colorado is that this is an area with a significantly low crime rate. This however does not negate the need for you to protect your home and your family through taking various basic security measures.

Here are 7 simple measures to improve your home security.

You must change your locks

When you move into a new home, remember it was once occupied and you don’t know how many people had access to the premise. As the first basic security measure, you must change all the locks in the house. This also applies when you lose your house keys.

securi - Improve your home security through these 7 simple measures

You must install an alarm system

Alarm systems don’t only offer home protection but they are also a good deterrent. Burglars will seldom attempt to break into your house if they suspect that you have an alarm system.

Ensure that your home always looks occupied

In most cases, burglaries usually take place when no one is at home. It is therefore important to always create the impression that your house is occupied. You could do this through ensuring your schedule is not predictable, ensuring that it is not clear how many occupants your home has and installing automatic timers for your lights.

Never leave your key under the doormat

There is a tendency by many home owners to leave a spare key under the doormat just in case a guest comes home when the owner is away or for the housekeeper. This is the surest way to allow intruders free entry into your home.

Use strong locks for your exterior doors

The exterior doors in your home should have strong locks therefore, ensure that you install as a minimum, 1 inch thick deadboltlocks. They may be more expensive than regular locks but will offer you much more protection and some peace of mind.

Only use interior door hinges

As a way of making it difficult for intruders to gain entry into your home, only use interior door hinges. These are much more difficult for an intruder to removeand gain entry.

You must protect your windows

Windows are generally a weak point in most homes and a burglar’s easiest entry point. Therefore, you should invest in strong window locks or even burglar-resistant glass.

Security will always start with you therefore you should do as much as possible to protect your home and your family.

Please share with us any innovative and cost effective home security solutions that you have tested out.

Things to consider when purchasing a retirement home

Blog5 - Things to consider when purchasing a retirement home

When most home owners purchase their homes especially while still young, they never really take into consideration that a time will come when they will be seniors, and unable to enjoy the many amenities that their homes provide. Basic things like the large size of the home, staircases and other obstacles, are things they may overlook today but will not be able to ignore a couple of years down the line.

When in your senior years, home purchasing is undoubtedly a challenging task and stressful as well especially when you come to the realization that you will no longer be able to enjoy many of the pleasures that come with being young. Take heart however because getting to move into a new home is always still an exciting experience.

Here are a list of things to consider when purchasing a retirement home.

The ease of navigation through the house

When in your senior years, it is important to think about your ability to navigate through the house. You will need a house with wide enough doors and corridors that a wheelchair can move through with ease in case you are using one or a spacious house with as little clutter as possible so that your walking stick doesn’t get caught up. The house does not necessarily need to be large, just well-arranged to enable ease of navigation.

The safety hazards

When in your senior years you are likely to be prone to injuries with the slightest knocks or falls. Therefore, it is important to ensure the house you are looking to purchase has been properly checked for anything that may be a safety hazard to you. This will require a keen eye because most of these hazards will not be that obvious.

old1 - Things to consider when purchasing a retirement home

A manageable size

When in your senior years, you will definitely not have the energy to do the regular day to day chores. You may opt to hire a help but ultimately it is unnecessary to have too much space that you won’t really need. It is therefore a good idea to go for a home that gives you ample space but not too much of it. Too much space may also bring about a sense of loneliness because of the emptiness.

Old age is a reality and not something to be feared. It is part of life. The better prepared you are for it, the better the transition will be in terms of your living arrangements. Be sure not to go through this adjustment alone. Engage your family and friends in the process and most importantly, a good realtor.

Home Purchasing – 2 categories you must be aware of

Blog4 - Home Purchasing – 2 categories you must be aware of

When you finally make that all important decision to purchase a home, there are two main categories of homes that you must be aware of. The first is a move-in ready house while the second is a fixer-upper house. The choice between which of these to go for is usually down to the buyers preference, budget, comfortability or goals

We take a look at these 2 categories as well as some of their pros and cons to help you improve your home purchasing decision making.

A fixer-upper house

A fixer-upper house is a house that will require some level of renovation or repairs before you can comfortably live in it. Some will first require work before moving in whereas others can be worked on while you are living inside them. The choice is mostly the buyer’s. Generally, some home owners prefer this category of houses because they will come at a low price owing to the fact that they need repairs, or the house gives them an easy opportunity to remodel and give it their own preferred look and feel. On the downside, this type of house requires an extensive level of due diligence especially with regards to inspection so as to ensure that as a buyer, you will actually be able to afford the repairs. Otherwise, it may turn out to be a very expensive undertaking.

A move-in ready house

A move-in ready house is just as the name suggests, a house that is ready to be moved into and will not require any work on it. This type of house offers a lot of convenience because there is no time consumed in repairs, you can move in immediately and resume your daily routine and most importantly, the home purchasing process is much easier. The few downsides to these types of homes is that they are usually pricey, and will still cost the buyer a fortune in the event they want to do some modifications.

If you are looking to buy a home, it is therefore important to do your homework and figure out which options work best for you. Home ownership is mostly a journey that requires patience and clear headed thinking therefore it should not be rushed.

We would like to hear your home ownership story especially if you have had the opportunity to compare these two options. Your experiences will tremendously help other owners make more informed home purchasing decisions.

The top 6 home selling tips

Blog3 - The top 6 home selling tips

Every person who intended their home to be a financial investment will always look forward to getting a really good price when it’s finally time to sell. However, it is important to keep in mind that your pitch to the potential buyer is what will determine whether you will get your full asking price.

When it comes to home purchasing in Aurora, Colorado, there are a number of things home buyers are usually looking for that will influence their decision on whether to buy your home.

Here are the top 6 home selling tips for you.

Ensure the yard is well maintained

The yard is one of the first things a buyer will notice as it enhances the external appeal of the home. You should therefore ensure that you have a very attractive yard as this will ensure that your house attracts interest pretty fast.

jj2 - The top 6 home selling tips

Ensure the house is painted

The newer your house looks and feels, the more money it will fetch you. Be sure to paint your house as this makes it feel and look new in the eyes of potential buyers therefore they will not put too much resistance to meeting your asking price.

Ensure you have done all the necessary repairs

When a buyer is looking to move into a house, most will always want the kind of house that is ready to live in and not one that will require time and financial investment in repairs. It is therefore important for you to ensure that all necessary repairs such as plumbing, electricals, heat, gas and all others have been done.

Ensure to set the right price

Although price is mostly determined by market conditions, the quality of your house in terms of finishing, amenities and other personalized modifications may allow you to put a markup on the price of your home. Just ensure not to overvalue or undervalue it as this may make it difficult to sell. Be sure to get a professional realtor to help you with this aspect.

jj1 - The top 6 home selling tips

Ensure to work with the right realtor

It is the work of a realtor to handle the task of selling your home on your behalf because it can be time consuming therefore impossible for you to do on your own especially if you have a fulltime job. Be sure to work with a good professional realtor who will ensure your best interests are met during the process of selling your home.

Ensure to stage your home really well

The best way for a buyer to know what your home truly has to offer is through giving them an opportunity to see, touch and feel it. This is done during staging. Make an effort to go all out with your staging to ensure potential buyers get an awesome experience. This will increase the appeal of the house and probability of being bought.

There you go. We trust that selling your home will now become a breeze.

Here’s a complete guide to showing your home

bLOG2 - Here's a complete guide to showing your home

Getting to sell your home can be exciting especially if you bought it as an investment and there is a very big chance that you are going to get your full asking price. There is no better feeling than that of a big payoff from an investment.

However, there are a number of considerations to put in place in order to ensure that the buyer interested in the home purchasing gets to see and appreciate the full value proposition of your home.

Here’s a complete guide on how to go about showing your home in an appealing way.

  1. You need to settle on a good realtor to help you with the showing because chances are that you will not have adequate time on your hands for this task.
  2. You need to vacate your house because there are definitely going to be interested home owners coming for the showing all through the day so they will require ample opportunity view the house without bumping into the house occupants.
  3. In the event you can’t vacate your home then you will need to rehearse a quick plan of action with your family, especially children and pets. Have a place where they can spend the day or a couple of hours when you will be showing your house, as well as a dedicated storage space where they can quickly dump their toys and other stuff when a potential buyer shows up unexpectedly.
  4. Ensure that your home is in tip top shape at all times. There are times when you will get a notice from a potential buyer before a viewing and at other times there may be no notice. It is therefore important that your home is in great shape at all times and ready for a showing.

home - Here's a complete guide to showing your home

At the end of the day, purchasing a home is an emotional choice and has to do a lot with intuition. It is therefore important for a potential buyer to be able to feel that your house is what they have been looking for. You can never go wrong when you pull on their emotional heartstrings.

Remember to share with us your own home showing experiences.

Here are 3 important things to consider before moving

Blog - Here are 3 important things to consider before moving

Moving into a new home is filled with plenty of excitement as well as anxiety. It’s bittersweet as you say goodbye to old memories and open a blank chapter in which to record new memories. This is a feeling we experience with our clients on a daily basis as we help them identify, purchase and move into their new dream homes.

What we have noticed especially with our clients doing home purchasing in Aurora, Colorado is that the excitement of a new home sometimes prevents them from seeing the bigger picture. This is why we thought it wise to share these 3 important things to consider before moving to place that you will call home for the rest of your life.

1 The crime rate is low

You obviously want to live in a place where you have peace of mind. A low crime rate will definitely help with this. Knowing that you and your family are safe in your home, your things are safe even when no one is at home, you can go shopping or on a run without worrying about getting mugged. There’s no greater feeling. This is therefore one of the statistics you must have before signing on the dotted line.

img2 - Here are 3 important things to consider before moving

2 There is a good community

Humans are social creatures and this comes into play when choosing where to move. It is very important to find out as much as possible about the community before you move into the neighborhood. You want a good community that will both allow you and your family an element of privacy, but at the same time be there when you need them. There is no greater feeling than living in place where residents are actively involved in making their community more awesome.

3 Residential property is on high demand

Usually, when we purchase homes, the intention is to live there for the rest of our lives. However, certain unavoidable circumstances such as a change in jobs may at times require us to move. A place where residential property is on high demand will ensure that when you have to move, selling your home will be much faster and easier, and you will even make a profit due to rising property value which is prompted by demand.

We trust that you will take this into consideration before you make your move.

Feel free to share with us any other factors you consider important that would influence your move.